Lawrence Kelson, relaxation with Quiet City Massage



My practice is based in Putney in south west London, and with over 15 years working experience I have created a relaxed, grounded, and respectful approach to bodywork that is warm, nurturing and free from judgement. Confidentiality is assured and I invite a willingness to speak with openness about your requirements. I am a friendly, approachable gay man who is sensitive to the needs of others, compassionate, and a good listener. 


I offer an integrated full body massage which incorporates the blissfully relaxing, sensuous Lomi Lomi technique which is also known as Loving Hands Massage. I use long, fluid strokes that run the entire length of the body to leave you feeling connected, deeply relaxed, surrendered and whole. Transitions are smooth and seamless and I work intuitively, paying attention to detail and quality of touch. I offer a deep honouring of each body/person I work with. 


Towels/draping is optional, and the room is always warm. Combinations of styles and techniques can be used as these are bespoke sessions which we devise together to best suit your individual needs. I have a private, peaceful massage room in my home which is just 5 minutes walk from East Putney tube station.

My interest in massage began over 20 years ago when it was recommended as a way to become more embodied and potentially fast track the psychotherapeutic process I was engaged with at the time. I was cautious and guarded around touch, and physically very tense. Through perseverance though, and with the kindness of my massage therapist, I slowly began to receive the safe, nurturing quality of touch that initiated a deep healing of both mind and body.


I became intrigued by the efficacy and potency of this simple and pleasurable form of human interaction so I set about learning what I could about it. In 1998 I began a training in massage and aromatherapy and then set up a practice in 2002. I have since completed trainings in deep tissue, sports massage, and more recently, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi.


It is a privilege to have worked with such a wide range of clients including gym users, dancers, farriers, pilots, musicians, those suffering with anxiety or depression, ME sufferers, people living with HIV, or the many who simply come for enjoyment, enquiry, or who seek a place to find stillness and calm and the benefits of deep relaxation.

Since those early, tentative steps into the world of healthy, conscious touch I have acquired a wide range of experience through both giving and receiving bodywork in its multiplicity of forms. It remains a major preoccupation in my life as I explore the many ways it can benefit us in an increasingly fast and noisy world.

Lastly, a polite request that clients arrive freshly showered and hygienically clean. If you can't do so before hand (ie coming straight from work) please ask to shower here before we begin. Thank you.

Here are some excellent articles about touch:

The Need to Touch - by Laura Crucianelli


Why Men Need Platonic Touch - by Mark Greene


      Aromatherapy (IIHHT)

This was undertaken in 1998/99 at South Devon College, UK

      Sports Massage (ITEC)

I completed this course in 2011 at the Devon Academy of Massage, UK

      Deep Tissue

Completed in 2010 at the Devon Academy of Massage, UK

Lomi Lomi (CThA)

Completed in February 2018 at the London School of Massage, UK

Deep Tissue - Hands Free (CThA)

Completed in October 2018 at the London School of Massage, UK